Larry J. Franklin

Larry J. Franklin, 79, of Noblesville, passed away on Monday, February 5, 2018 at Riverview Health.  He was born on July 8, 1938, the oldest of 9 children of Paul and Henrietta Franklin in Paris, Illinois.

"If there is anything that anybody knows about Larry it is that he was a family man. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. Larry was loved tremendously by everyone around him. There was never a time where he was not cracking jokes or had a smile on his face. 

Larry loved his wife, Connie, deeply. Larry was the first and only man she loved. I once asked her how she knew that she loved Grandpa, and she told me that he once bought her roses. She pricked her finger on one of the thorns. He then brought her new roses with all the thorns cut off. This is the type of effort that he put into their marriage for the last 50 years. He loved her deeply and their relationship was playful, loving, and strong. I always remembered them bantering back and forth but it was always so full of love. I think we can all learn something from how they loved each other. 

As a father, Larry was supportive and loving. He gave Stacia and Todd the type of unconditional love only a father could give. He was extremely supportive of everything they did from sports to music. He gave everything he had to his children. He was extremely family oriented and passed those beliefs down to his children as well. His family was his life. 

Getting to have Larry as a grandfather was something I am eternally grateful for. My earliest memories of my grandfather were him cracking jokes at us as we came in the door with a 'how ya doin’ kiddo?!' He always let us know that he was proud and that he loved us. 

A couple things that I know my grandpa was proud of and loved in his life were his family, golf, doo-wop music, and the time he spent in the Navy. He was very proud of the Navy. I remember one time we were on a family trip and he was wearing his Navy ball cap. As we were leaving a restaurant, a man stopped, looked at him and said, “Thank you for your service.” Larry shook his hand with tears in his eyes and thanked him. That was when I realized what serving his country really meant to him. 

Larry lit up every room and made everyone around him smile. He always gave the best advice and wanted us all to be happy. My grandfather kept that attitude all the way through his life and never let his spirit dampen. Even in his last hours he was most concerned about who he was leaving behind. If there’s anything I know for sure through all of this its that my grandfather would not want us all to be sad. He would want us to celebrate the life he did have and find joy in the little things. So as we all reflect on the life of an amazing, unforgettable man, we will smile in remembrance." 

(written by Larry's granddaughter, Ellie, in honor of her grandfather)

Larry is survived by his wife, Connie (Brinkman) Franklin, who he married on September 16, 1967; son, Todd (Beth) Franklin; daughter, Stacia Franklin; brothers, Mike Franklin and Paul Franklin; and six grandchildren, Kennedee, Rylee, Max, Kaelan, Ellie and Mason.  He was preceded in death by his parents and six siblings.

Services will be held at 1:00 pm on Sunday, February 11, 2018 at Randall & Roberts Funeral Center, 1685 Westfield Road in Noblesville, with visitation from noon to the time of service.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Wounded Warrior Project, PO Box 758516, Topeka, KS 66675.