Ann Panah

Memorial Service

5:30 pm
Friday, August 3, 2018
Indianapolis First Friends Church
3030 Kessler Boulevard East Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Obituary of Ann Panah



Faith Revealed through a Light-Filled Life


Ann’s life-long faith was strong, and she personified the fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness and Self-Control. She received those fruits in abundance! Ann led a life of grace under pressure. She will be remembered as a faithful woman who walked and lived in the light.


Born May 5, (Cinco de Mayo!), 1959, Ann was the third child of Richard and Virginia Beatty, joining her brother, David, and her sister, Sue. Ann is survived by her loving husband of 36 years, Bob Panah; son, Stephen Panah (Lindsay); daughter, Christine Panah (Cooper Dinges); brother, David Beatty (Mary Blackburn); and sister, Sue Beatty. Ann had happy childhood memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons, drinking hot water from the outside hose in the summertime and watching Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on Sunday nights. She could name every one of her elementary school teachers, in order, and could describe them in detail. Ann loved people.


Ann loved nature, the flowers in her garden, reading of almost every genre, and Izzy, her beagle. More than these, Ann loved her husband and her children wholly and unconditionally. Personally humble, she was immensely proud of her family, and rejoiced in their accomplishments, academic and athletic. She was a personal cheerleader for both of her children. She prayed for the right people to come into their lives. Her joy was doubled when Stephen, and then Christine, met and married the loves of their lives: Lindsay and Cooper. She was so happy to participate in both of their weddings, and was grateful for every opportunity to be included in their celebrations. Although she experienced a lot of fatigue, she was a determined woman- on- a- mission to find the perfect Mother of the Bride Dress! She was beautiful that day, inside and out.


Ann was a woman of peace. There was no room for strife or petty disagreements in her life. Most of all, Ann was patient in waiting on God, and following His plan.


Ann was kind. It had to be a gift from God; I don’t think anyone could reasonably be expected to be that nice! Her kindness was genuine.


Ann was good. Even in her illness, she was able to look beyond her circumstances to the needs of others. It was her choice that she chose Mid-North Food Pantry as the recipient of any memorial gifts.


Throughout Ann’s 11-year battle with cancer she walked with God in full reliance on His goodness. Her faith was tested and refined, time after time. She faced her illness with grace and strength of character. She battled bravely, and in all situations, gave thanks. She was a credit to the kingdom of God.


Ann passed away July 25th, surrounded by her loving family, including Izzy. A memorial service will be held at 5:30 pm on Friday, August 3, 2018 at Indianapolis First Friends Church, 3030 Kessler Boulevard East Drive, in Indianapolis, with Pastor Beth Hendricks officiating. 


Memorial contributions may be made to Mid-North Food Pantry, 3333 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208.


We see her light continue to shine in Christine’s smile and Stephen’s gentleness.


Here are some of their memories of Ann,


  • Mom wearing matching mother/daughter dresses for Christmas parties which made me feel like a princess.
  • Mom’s appreciation for little things. She would notice every tree, every bird, and every breeze and embrace its beauty.
  • Standing up at Beatles night at Symphony on the Prairie and dancing and clapping and singing at the top of her lungs. She always danced without a care in the world.
  • Staying up until the wee hours of the morning on Easter and Christmas to set up presents for my brother and me.
  • A mother/daughter trip to Asheville, NC for my birthday with me because I wanted to climb a mountain side there (it had stairs and hand rails) and even though her hips were hurting with bone cancer, she climbed 500 steps up and down the mountain so I could see the beautiful sight at the top.
  • Personal training with mom while I was in college…even though she hated working out, we had the best time. The trainer even commented on how we were his only clients that couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole hour long workout. We would make jokes while doing step ups on a tire, giggle while doing sit ups, and smile even after pushing a weighted sled.
  • Eating at Steak n Shake with mom after church.  She ordered the patty melt and I ordered grilled cheese…I looked forward to our time alone after church.
  • Grocery shopping with my mom… It was always so fun together and everyone at the store knew us.
  • Saturday trips to the farmers market. The only thing she liked more than the fresh produce was the vendors. She got to know each one, their story, their goals, and we never knew people as the “tomato guy” or the “coffee lady”, we knew them by their stories. And that’s because she took the time to know them.
  • Planting flowers in her garden every Mother’s day. While Stephen and I originally hated it, it became one of our favorite traditions.
  • Filling out crossword puzzles in the chemo center. While everyone else was sleeping, or looking sad, we were gabbing and laughing away doing the daily crossword. Her smile and energy was infectious, and people around us and the nurses couldn’t help but chime in.
  • Mom could literally make any stranger smile.
  • My parents set a great example for what to look for in a partner. They could be so angry at each other one minute, and the next minute one of them would make a joke and they’d start laughing and everything would be okay. My mom was my dad’s number one fan and always believed in him.
  • Mom kept working while going through chemo and dealing with the kid’s crazy schedules. Looking back, I have no clue how she did it.
  • Mom was an optimist. She genuinely saw the world through rose colored glasses. She could literally see the good in every situation and constantly challenged the rest of the family to do the same.
  • Mom was a peaceful gentle warrior. Based on her demeanor you would never know how much fight she had in her. The pleasant church lady had an eleven year battle with cancer and even in the times the doctors had doubt, she would push through. She fought for every minute she had on this earth. Every time a friend came over for tea, to chat, to pray, every family dinner, every walk around the neighborhood with Izzy, every minute of every day she fought and went through a medical history that would have crushed most people’s spirit so that she could have every minute possible with us. And it meant the world to me. Even the hard days when we were all frustrated and tired, I was still so thankful she fought for those days. I hope people can learn from her passion for life and remember to find the silver lining in every situation, because that great attitude gave us so many more memories with her.



  • She was the most loving, kind and flat out amazing mother.  I love her so much and there are no words that can express how deeply I miss her.  I know she is upstairs dancing to the Beatles with her signature smile.
  • Mom was loving, kind, peaceful, faithful, patient, and joyful. She was beauty and grace personified. She taught me the definition of unconditional love and introduced both of her children to Jesus Christ.
  • Mom loved to dance! She loved busting a move wherever and whenever… and was not afraid of what other people thought. We could always count on her dancing to the Beatles and disco hits of the 70’s. I’ll never forget going to the Symphony on the Prairie on Beatles night. Everyone was sitting but when the band started playing her favorite song, she just had to get up and dance. Her smile and charisma were contagious and made me have to join her.
  • She was the ultimate soccer mom. She would go to every game, no matter where it was. She even played in a women’s soccer league for a while.
  • She raised us to be dreamers. As kids, were one of the last people in our classes to find out Santa Clause and the Easter bunny weren’t real.
  • We played par 3 golf courses and took lessons together. Mother/son activities like that meant the world to me.
  • She was an absolute sucker for charities. If anyone asked her to donate to their charity she would always YES! She was so generous with her money and carried her checkbook every Sunday. She would also stock up her purse with gift cards to Subway, Jimmy Johns for the homeless or anyone in need. When a person asked for help, she was always willing to lend a helping hand. I admire her kindness and generosity so much.
  • One of the things I will miss most about her is her kind touch. Every time she touched you, you could just feel the love.





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